Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased that you have found our site and that you are keen to learn more about the advertising opportunities we can offer you for your sales or rental properties. To make it easier for you, we have listed the most common questions we are being asked about our International Property Deals portal site.


Q: Why are you not charging for the listings? What are you not telling us?

A: Well, there is nothing we are not telling you. It’s quite easy really.
Basic standard listings (which are pretty detailed by default) are free. If of course you wish to enhance your listings, then we offer you the option to add additional premium Listing Enhancements, which are charged for. But you do not have to use them. So listings are free unless you decide otherwise.

Q: Are the properties listed really available?

A: Since we are not estate agents or realtors, we have no way of checking each listing individually. We do spot-checks on our advertisers, and if we feel the advertisers is misusing our system, we will remove their listings.

Q: What happens after my 30 days free listing? Will I be charged then?

A: We will notify you one day ahead of your listing expiry. You can then log back into your member area and renew your listing for a further 30 days. And again you will not be charged for this service either, unless you have chosen to add any of our premium Listing Enhancement options.

Q: How many listings may I have at the same time?

A: Again you can have as many as you wish, as long as they are not all for the same property.  Trying to list the same property with the description text changed, different images shown, or another location given will force us to close your account and the removal of all listings.

Q: Which countries do you support in your property listing portal?

A: We currently accept real estate listings from England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, United States and Canada. We may increase the countries in the future and update members and users of our site in good time via our blog & newsletters.

Q: Who are the property advertisers on your portal?

A: We have our portal open to allow both private individuals as well as estate agents or realtors to list their properties with us. Private property sales are commonly referred to FSBO – For Sale by Owner offers. The same applies to FRBO – For Rent by Owner. Our listings though do not differentiate between FSBO’s, FRBO’s or Agents.

Q: As a property agent, can I submit my properties as a XML or CSV upload file?

A: At this present time, we do not accept database uploads in either format. To keep this property portal fair between agents and private property sellers, we ask that properties are listed manually.

Q: If I have any questions, is there a phone number I can call for support?

A: Due to the time difference and other work committments, we only offer online support via our Contact Us page. We aim to answer any enquiries or support questions within 24-48 hours, apart from weekends or bank holidays, when we will reply on the next working day.